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Here in Northwest Arkansas, our well-deserved reputation for safety and community can make it hard to see a drug problem…

But if you know where to look, the signs of that hidden problem are clear, and the need to make a difference is imperative.

When Brand New Mercies founder Carolyn Wallace moved to NWA in 2008, her training and experience as a women’s substance abuse counselor led her to look carefully at the community and what could be done for women specifically. While there are several strong recovery programs in the area, Carolyn noticed a need that was not being filled: support for women with children.


One of the biggest issues that puts children at risk in Northwest Arkansas is mothers suffering from drug addiction. But many mothers are afraid to seek treatment due to the fear of losing their children. That situation has been especially dire in NWA, because there have been few recovery programs that would allow children to stay with their mothers.

For any mother, the prospect of being separated from her children for a period of many months is a heartrending choice to make.

For a mother seeking recovery from drug addiction, whether she is currently her children’s caregiver or has already lost access due to substance abuse, separation is a constant source of pain that can act as a trigger to relapse.

Brand New Mercies was founded to support these mothers.

We are one of the only residential substance abuse recovery program in NWA that allows children to stay with their mothers.

And for mothers who are currently separated from their children, we actively assist them in recovering their maternal rights, turning a painful situation into a powerful goal instead of a constant source of discouragement.

We work to create a nurturing environment for our children:

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